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Pre-wedding photos

Why is it important to have a pre-wedding photo shoot:

It's a dress rehearsal before your wedding so you know exactly what to expect when the big day has finally arrived. During this photo shoot we can get to know each other better and you can get used to the camera being around. Because of this your final wedding photos will look more honest, because you pay no attention to the camera anymore.

Wedding photos

Your special day, your wedding, is a day filled with a thousand-and-one different unique and special moments which pass you in the blink of an eye. Sharing this day with all your loved ones can be intense. A day where so many beautiful memories are created are easily forgotten. My aim is to capture the atmosphere, emotions and true feelings. With a focus on telling your story allowing you to relive moments not just once, but forever.



I am just a message away. So don’t be shy, say hi!

Instax board and rental

Let your guests join in the fun, let them hold the camera! I offer rental of a Instax camera, in this way your guests will be able to print out nice and funny selfies! Furthermore my gift for you, a personalized board, with Instax pictures from your most important moments from your wedding.

Exclusive wooden package

How can you better think back about your Big Day, than with one of our exclusive boxes which includes 30 printed pictures and an USB stick with pictures from all the greatest moments of your Big Day.  Because not one couple is the same, I offer many different colors. Just choose your favorite one!

Email: photo@forgacszsuzsi.com

Phone number: +36305022715


  • 8 hours photoshoot on the wedding

  • around 300 edited pictures

  • creative photoshoot

  • party photoshoot til max. 1am

  • pictures given on pendrive

  • 10 printed photos

  • 5 instax pictures

  • travel cost not included


205.000 Ft


  • 10 hours photoshoot on the wedding

  • max. 1 hour long engagement photoshoot

  • around 400-500 edited pictures

  • creative photoshoot

  • party photoshoot til max. 1am

  • exclusive wooden package

  • 20 printed photos

  • 10 instax pictures 

  • travel cost not included


255.000 Ft


  • 12 hours photoshoot on the wedding

  • max 2 hours long engagement photoshoot

  • around 600-700 edited pictures

  • creative photoshoot

  • party photoshoot til max. 1am

  • exclusive wooden package

  • 30 printed photos

  • 10 instax pictures on a personalized vintage frame

  • travel cost not included


305.000 Ft

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Forgács Zsuzsi

Email: photo@forgacszsuzsi.com

Phone number: +36305022715

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